Meeting with Bahram Afsharzadeh

Meeting with Bahram Afsharzadeh

Gazder: It will be hard duty but Iran will succeed

General Secretary of NOC visited General Secretary of Islamic Countries Solidarity Federation.
NOCnews reported that Mohammad Saleh Gazder General Secretary of Islamic Countries Solidarity Federation in meeting with Afsharzadeh, talked a bout the executed activities for hosting the 2nd Islamic Countries Game.

According to this report, beginning of this meeting that Hassan Mirza Agh Beyk who is the Executive Secretary of these games was also presented, Afsharzadeh at first said welcome to Gazder and then gave the report about the procedure of program and activities, which were done to him and hope that, all the organized program finished in due date and Iran be a good host for this important and credible event.

Meantime of this meeting, Dr. Gazder appreciated the procedure of promoting activities and the organized program, He also appreciated because of PEO has considered a good place for central office of games, and said: It will be hard duty but we are sure that Iran will succeed. The Islamic Countries Solidarity Federation will also beside the Mr. Aliabadi, Head of PEO and NOC to invite all the Islamic Countries and attending all of them in these competitions, and be a very good host.

At the end of this meeting both Parties pursued the specific decision and organized some important affaires as follows:

– Reviewing the countries who announce their preparation (Islamic Countries which are the member of Islamic conference Organization: 58 countries)
– Surveying the necessary facilities to encourage countries, especially small countries of African to attend in 2nd Islamic Countries Games.
– Discussing about Annual General Assembly of Islamic Countries Solidarity Federation, which will held on May or June 2009, in Jeddah.
– Necessity of using Diplomatic Channel to encourage countries to attending in competitions, for example:

Inviting the ambassador of Islamic Countries in Riaz, to attend in Islamic Republic of Iran Embassy and also, invite the Islamic Countries Ambassador in Tehran to attend in meeting that Mr. Aliabadi will present.